Indigenous American support list

Indigenous Americans have been the subjected to genocide, forced assimilation, racism, and neglect for hundreds of years.

This is a list of charities, organizations, crowdfunding links, and petitions in support of Native American groups and individuals in the United States.


Be sure to both sign and share. Do not donate money to as it does not go toward the people organizing the petition.

Establish a Native American Language Resource Center

Jordan Stevens was an Native American man who was murdered by 10 officers in Yuma county

Justice for Jason Pero: Native American Boy Shot and Killed by Officer

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Native American Reparation Act - Land, Minerals, Genocide, and Oppression

Removal of Christopher Columbus Statue in Norwalk

Remove Utica’s Christopher Columbus Statue

Remove the Christopher Columbus statue at Schenley Park

Stop the uranium mine at the Grand Canyon

-----Change racist school mascots-----

There are thousands of these. This list does not even scratch the surface.


Change Bellefonte School District Mascot

Change Bountiful High School's Offensive and Racist Mascot

Change Carpinteria High School Mascot

Change Holt’s Mascot that is Racist to Native Americans by Cultural Appropriation

Change Keller High School’s Offensive Mascot

Change Lake Forest High School's Mascot

Change Manhattan High Schools Mascot

Change Massapequa High School's Mascot

Change Minooka Community High School’s Mascot

Change Pocatello HighSchool’s Offensive Mascot

Change the Braintree High School Mascot

Change the Twin Valley School District mascot

Change the mascot of Esko, MN from esk*mo to something that’s not a racial slur.

Come Together and Change Lane's Mascot

Get Neshaminy High School to Change their racist mascot

Manhasset High School Should Change The Racist Mascot

Retire Hart High's 'Indian' Mascot

Retire South Point High School's "Red Raider" Mascot

The Time is Now, Let's Change the Medfield Mascot Petition for Medfield Students